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Members of NBM of Africa German Zone as part of the medical initiative embarked upon by the group visited the Cancer section of UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER HAMBURG-EPPENDORF.GERMANY. 3rd September, 2016.


Members of NBM German zone were received by Mrs Maren Blohom who is a representative of the centre. Discussions about the centre and its benefits to the children who used the facilities were addressed.

The representative Mrs Blohom, told members of the group that there are lots of children diagnosed with different types of cancers. She identified weak immune system attributed to children as a factor which makes them vulnerable to cancer and other health  disabilities.


She said the Centre is sponsored by the Government but agreeing to the fact that the government can not do it alone without donations from legitimate groups and persons. Stressing that donations are only accepted from accredited donors.


Neo Black Movement of Africa, German zone as a legal and registered organisation in Germany is listed amongst such approved donors. The group donated to the centre. The president of the chapter Mr Chidi Maduakolam enjoined members of the movement far and wide to support cancer research, that members should endeavour to seek ways of bringing such support facilities to developing nations in Africa.

The chapter's president also promised that the movement will continue to support medical initiatives that will help to save lives especially that of vulnerable people. He said series of visits are also been scheduled to health centres in Nigeria where the group's headquarter is located.

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