Some of the most important work that needs to be done in developing communities is setting up basic infrastructure. Helping communities through building, lays a foundation that will allow locals to continue with your efforts even after your work  has ended.


NBM has been involved in so many community projects, construction of better quality homes and classrooms for children and their families both home and abroad. NBM also assist local builders to build, paint and refurbish schools and houses in disadvantaged communities.


There is no single solution to breaking the cycle of poverty. By helping to create community conditions that support the region’s most vulnerable families in critical ways, we can increase their chances of having stable housing, finding employment, building a secure future, and raising healthy, confident children who will succeed in school, college, and life. 




We have continued to ensure that we send representations to the various cultural festivals to help us grok the significance of the various cultures of the world in an effort to apply a holistic approach towards solving inter and intra tribal rowels and racism.



Recently, we put together a N500M fund to build a cultural center that will serve as a location to house and exhibit our continued quest for cultural relevance in solving most of the socio cultural rowels of this global village we live in.



This center is known as The Uhuru Cultural Center and is presently under construction in the heart of the ancient Bini Kingdom..

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